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chocolate factory cover

Chocolate factory

1 – 4 players approx. 60 – 90 min, ages 14+ Author: Matthew Dunstan Brett J. Gilbert Illustrator: Denis Martynets Paweł Niziołek Andreas Resch

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1 - 4 players 30 min, ages 10+ Author: Rôla & Costa Illustrator: Marina Costa Publisher: HUCH! Sylex game material:  4.6 / 5 Fun factor:  4.8 / 5

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BomBasta Games

We develop games out of bits, bytes and cardboard. Bring our games to your tables, cell phones and computers whenever you family and friends are playing

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Quarrel at the fence

2 - 4 players approx. 25 min from 10 years of age Author: Sebastian Marwecki Illustrator: Miguel Fernandez Publisher: Bombasta Games Fun factor:  5/5 Replay value:  4.8 / 5

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Cthulhu Death may Die

Cthulhu Death may Die

1 - 5 players approx. 90 min from 12+ Author: Rob Daviau Eric M. Lang Illustrator: Adrian Smith Karl Kopinski Nicolas FructusRichard WrightFilipe Pagliuso Publisher: CMON

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